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yawning baby

Having trouble getting baby to sleep at night? Here are a few tips and tricks you can try.

Lay Baby in Crib When Drowsy:

Lay baby down in the crib right before they fall asleep, do it when they are drowsy and about to nod off. This will make it easier for baby to learn how to fall asleep on their own.

White Noise:

Your womb isn’t silent so sometimes when it is too quiet baby can have a tough time sleeping. A white noise machine or baby CD could do the trick.

Bedtime Routine:

Have a clear bedtime routine every night, that way baby will get used to the routine making the transition to sleep easier. Our Mommy’s Bliss all natural Sweet Slumber line is a great addition to your bedtime routine to help calm and soothe baby.

No Eye Contact:

When you go in for night feedings do not make eye contact, making eye contact will encourage your little one to wake up.

Gripe Water:

If you think your little one is having trouble getting to sleep because they are gassy try some gripe water to help with infant gas relief. Mommy’s Bliss all natural gripe water is a safe and effective all natural way to relieve gas pains.

All babies are different, try some of these tips and do what works best for your child. If you are worried that something more serious is going on with your baby be sure to contact your physician.


Struggling to figure out what to carry in your diaper bag? Aside from the standard change of clothes and diaper changing supplies we have a few items you want to be sure to include.

1. Toy (Sophie the Giraffe)

2.  Snack for Mom

3. 2 Extra Pacifiers (MAM Mini Air)

4. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water (Gripe Water on-the-go packs)

5. Reusable Bags for Dirty Diapers (PlanetWise Wet Bags)

6. Sunscreen (Nine Naturals Natural Sunscreen)

7. Extra Shirt for Mom (Target Boyfriend Crew Tee)

8. First Aid Kit (Me4Kidz Medibuddy)

9. Extra Blanket (Aden+Anais Classic Swaddle)



Holiday gift guide copy

Here are some of our favorite holiday gifts for babies and toddlers, what are you getting your kids for the holidays?

1. Mimi Doll from Sophie and Lili 

We love these soft cotton dolls, they come in various designs and you can even get customized ones. Send in a photo and they can create a doll just for you.

2. PBS Kids Wooden Toy Sandwich Stacker

This Parent’s Choice Award Winner is sure to provide hours of fun ‘creating’ sandwiches with your kids.

3. Paper Culture Personalized Memory Game

Your kids will loving playing this version of memory!

4. Janod Espresso Machine

Your kids will love playing coffee shop with you and making you your favorite drink.

5. Pottery Barn Kids Plush Rocker

Fun to play with and a great addition to their nursery.

6. Freshly Picked Moccasins

Adorable and functional!  We love these mocs, they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

7. Skip Hop Roll Around Rattle

Perfect for the baby that is sitting up and starting to get active, mom will love it because she can throw it in the diaper bag.

8. Kid O Go Car

Perfect for the little car lover, the open design allows for baby to push the car with one hand while crawling.

9. Green Toys Train

This dish washer safe eco-friendly train is perfect for your budding conductor.

crying baby

Next time you are having a tough time calming your baby try some of these tricks.

1. Sway

This is probably one of your go to tricks, but that is because most of the time it works. Gently rocking your baby in your arms is one of the easiest and quickest ways to soothe them.

2. Change of Scenery

If swaying isn’t working try a change of scenery, even walking to a new room or stepping outside can do a world of difference.

3. White Noise

Try turning on a white noise machine or the fan to create some calming noise, if you don’t have either of these try saying “shh” very softly.

4. Swing

If you received a swing as a baby gift now is a great time to give it a try, just be sure to check the age/weight restrictions before using.

5. Gripe Water

If you suspect the pain may be from infant gas, try some gripe water to help with gas relief for your baby.

6. Bicycle Movement

In addition to the gripe water for baby gas doing bicycle motion with their legs can help to ease the gas pains.

7. Kangaroo Care

Skin to skin contact can help to soothe your baby, place them directly on your skin and then lay a blanket over both of you.

8. Swaddle

A good swaddle can do a world of wonders for baby, by wrapping their arms snuggly around their body it can control their arm flails that can startle them.



on beach

As the holiday season quickly approaches you may be planning to go see family and friends, if you are planning to bring along baby we have some tips that could help the trip go smoothly.

1. Plan travel around nap times

When booking your travel (if traveling by plane or train) or planning your ride try to plan around nap times. If you are en route when baby is already supposed to be sleeping then there will be minimal disruption to their schedule and hopefully make for a more peaceful ride.

2. Bring plenty of food

Be sure to pack additional food, formula and/or breast milk for the trip. Planes and trains are often delayed and you want to be sure to have enough food on hand should that occur. Also if this is your baby’s first time flying it might be a good idea to have some expressed milk in a bottle, the first time I flew with my son he would not nurse and I had to feed him from a bottle during take off and landing. (I also tried to remember to throw in a few snacks for myself)

3. Travel Gear

A portable crib like is great to set up in the airport so you can have a clean safe place to put baby down, and also a familiar and comfortable place for them to sleep. A travel system is also great, having the car seat and the stroller it can click into will make travel with the car seat much easier. If you are traveling by plane and intend to take the car seat on the plane double check that is approved for air travel. Baby carriers are great to keep hands free while walking through the airport, if your baby is a lap child consider checking your car seat and stroller and putting baby in the carrier for the airport. Once on the plane for take off and landing your child will have to come out of the carrier.

4. Well stocked diaper bag

Pack more than you think you will need to prepare for any delays, I liked to pack twice as many diapers and changes of clothes as I would for a normal outing. I also made sure to bring along a well stocked first aid kit complete with diaper rash cream, fever reducer, thermometer and remedies to calm my son’s stomach like gripe water on the go packs.