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Packing your hospital bag can be a daunting task, with my first son I overpacked and yet still forgot some key items. When I got pregnant with my second son I wrote a list of what to bring and have since shared this list with several of my friends. Did I miss anything? What were some of your hospital bag essentials?

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upset stomach

A baby with an upset stomach is no fun, here are some tricks you can try to help ease baby’s stomach discomfort. In addition to the tricks listed below try to keep a log of when your baby is experiencing stomach discomfort to see if there are any triggers.

1. Burp Baby

Whether feeding milk, formula or solids try burping baby in the middle of a feeding if you suspect gas may be the culprit.

2. Gripe Water

If burping doesn’t help try our all natural gripe water to help with infant gas relief.

3. Bicycle Legs

Try laying baby on his or her back on a firm surface and moving their legs in a bicycle motion to help with gas pains. You will know this is working if they start to pass gas.

4. Don’t Overfeed

When baby starts solids it can be easy to feed them too much, if you think they are getting a stomach ache from eating too much try cutting back a little to see if that helps.

5. Tummy Massage

Try a tummy massage, gently move hand in a circular motion over your baby’s tummy. In addition to relieving stomach pain this could relax baby and help get them ready for sleep.

If these don’t work or if you are concerned about your baby’s upset stomach consult your physician.

gripe-water-prod-reviewDo you love PopSugar Moms as much as we do? It is one of our favorite sites (and pages to follow on Facebook), so we were very honored when we saw that our Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water made their list of ‘Must Have Baby Gear!’

Here is what they had to say about gripe water:

“Both my tots got upset bellies after feeding, and I was at my wit’s end when someone finally told me about gripe water ($11). The ginger-based concoction is a miracle worker for gassy babes.”

— Rebecca Gruber, editor

For the full list click here. The list is a great resource for stocking up for yourself or getting some great baby shower gift ideas.


As a mom it can be hard to find time to do things for yourself, but it is very important to get that time to yourself. With little ones at home it can be hard to find time to pee alone, let alone have some time carved out just for you.

Sit down and think about what you would like to do. Be sure to communicate what you need to your spouse or significant other so that they can help you get that time to yourself. Everyone is different, some people may only need 5-10 minutes to recharge and others may need an afternoon to themselves. After you have decided what you want to do add it to your schedule.

If you only have a few minutes to spare here are some things you can do:



Drink a cup of tea or coffee alone.

If you have a little more time here are some fun options:

An afternoon at your favorite coffee house with a book.

Catching up with a friend over lunch or dinner.

Going to a spa for a day of relaxation.

Hitting the gym or yoga studio.

How do you like to spend your ‘me’ time? We recently asked our Facebook fans this question, here are some of their top answers:

Read a book.

Go shopping or run errands alone.

Take a walk or hike.

Drink a glass of wine.

Take a long hot shower.

Get a massage.

Go to the pool, lounge on the deck or swim some laps.

Take a bath along with either wine, coffee, candy or hot chocolate, some even indulge and take a bath with our Sweet Slumber Baby Wash.