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The mom behind Mommy’s Bliss® is named Roshan, and she is my mom. She founded our family’s company in 1999, after raising three kids and working as a registered nurse, lactation consultant, doula and midwife. Her dedication to family health inspires our promise: to promote natural health through all of life’s stages, with products that are safe, effective and affordable... because all families deserve bliss.
- Yasmin Kaderali, President of Mommy’s Bliss®
Roshan Kaderali, RN, CNM, CLE and Founder of Mommy’s Bliss®

Roshan Kaderali is originally from Tanzania and later became a resident of Scotland. She has lived permanently in the United States for more than 35 years. When Roshan began her nursing practice in the U.S., she recommended Gripe Water for infant colic and fussiness. She quickly learned that it was not available in America. Working with an FDA-registered cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) laboratory, Roshan developed the first all-natural Gripe Water for the American market. The continuous stream of letters of appreciation she received from doctors and parents alike was both gratifying and inspiring.From there, Roshan developed many other products based on her years of experience working with infants and new parents.

Yasmin Kaderali, MPH, MBA and President of Mommy’s Bliss®

Yasmin Kaderali grew up learning from her mom about the “miracle of life,” and she was surrounded by the realities of reproductive and infant health through her mom’s practice and maternity center. After attending college at the University of California, Davis, Yasmin spent two years living in Central America. There, she volunteered with programs focused on women and children’s human rights.Inspired to learn more and make a difference, Yasmin pursued a graduate degree and continued to work on women’s rights in the non-profit sector for five years. Soon, her path led her back to Mommy’s Bliss® and she is now president of the company.Both Roshan and Yasmin share the dream of helping children and women all over the world to live in bliss, with food, good health, respected human rights and peace.