During my first few days in the hospital, my nipples were very sore from my newborn sucking furiously for milk. The hospital had provided me with a nipple cream that was thick and oily and while it relieved some of … Continue reading

The gripe water is a must have for calming babies. My son calms immediately through teething pain, gas pains, and general irritableness.

We bought this product for our son when he was 6 weeks old. He had gas pains really bad at night, every night. We give him at least 1 tsp a night and he is able to pass the gas. … Continue reading

My pediatrician recommended gripe water to us after Mylicon wasn’t doing anything for my daughter’s gas. She said Mylicon doesn’t work, period, not for the kind of gas babies have. We have practically used this since my daughter was born, … Continue reading

We give this to the baby in the evenings and it has made a huge difference. He doesn’t have colic, but would be fussy in the evenings. Since we started giving him the gripe water he is much less fussy. … Continue reading

We started using gripe water after our pediatrician recommended it. Our son was having a touch of colic in the evenings causing severe gas and making it so hard for him to eat his last bottle. It would take a … Continue reading

I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but it is beyond amazing. As soon as it hits Baby Charlie’s lips, he relaxes. I may order it by the case.

Can I begin by saying that I love you? My son has been crying non-stop for the last three days; I couldn’t get him to eat or sleep and, because he wasn’t eating, he couldn’t poop. I’m a first time … Continue reading

Our baby hit 4 weeks old and ended up colicky rather suddenly. After two nights up with a screaming, suffering baby we read about this stuff online. Now, it’s no miracle cure, but it’s pretty darn close. By itself, it … Continue reading

My son had horrible gas and hiccups from day 1. We tried Mylicon but my son became so constipated from it-which made the issues worse. I finally heard about Gripe Water and bought this product as the ingredients were natural. … Continue reading

Thank you for making safe & natural products that I can afford to use on my baby. I am always looking for products with all natural ingredients – but often I can’t afford to use them. I love these products … Continue reading

I have tried several products on my baby that contain artificial fragrances that mask the sweet smell of my little one. Mommy’s Bliss Sweet Slumber line is so different. I love these products! The gentle, natural scent is not overly … Continue reading

I purchased the Sweet Slumber Massage Cream for my baby. It smells good and absorbs quickly. It provides the perfect amount of moisture to keep my little one’s skin moisturized without making him greasy. I like the scent so much … Continue reading

After using the Baby Wash and Massage Cream on my son, I fell in love with the scent. The combination of lavender and ylang ylang is so relaxing that I tried it myself. Now I moisturize with it every day! … Continue reading

After a month of dealing with colic, my pediatrician finally recommended Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water. It worked like a charm! I am so happy to find that you have come out with a new product specially formulated for kids. My … Continue reading

I am often frustrated and disappointed to find that so many products for children are filled with things I would never give myself. Thank you for creating a safe and natural product! No alcohol, no parabens, no artificial flavors…But best … Continue reading

So many products for kids are packed with sugar. I make a concerted effort to source the most healthy solutions possible for my twins and was thrilled to find a sugar free/drug free alternative! Thank you for the fantastic product. … Continue reading